Thursday, April 8, 2010


We are about 3 weeks away from launching our 1st Cupcake of the Month Club!

Please Reply to me & let me know the following.


Who Cupcakes are for:
Their Address:

Thank You.

The Cupcake of the Month Club is similar to a fruit or flower of the month club. We have three different memberships for you to choose from:
3 month $50.00
6 month $85.00
12 month $150.00
Members will receive 12 of our delicious Cupcakes plus 1 cupcake giving them a sneak peak of next month’s flavor. These delicious, convenient gifts would be a great way to show someone just how special they are, and you will know they are thinking of you every month when their cupcakes are delivered.
In addition to 13 Cupcakes, Members will also receive a special greeting card announcing their gift, (US mail or email) and informing them of what wonderful sweets will be arriving month after month.
Cupcakes are all that you need to add the perfect accent to any monthly gathering. Cupcakes are Delivered or Ready for pick up around the 5th of every month.

*a fee will be added to all deliveries outside of the Canton. At this time we are only accepting membership from residents of Canton & surrounding areas.

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