Sunday, July 4, 2010

Caleb & Madilyn's Birthday Cake

This by far was my Favorite cake. I was really nervous because this is the 2nd time that i have used fondant. Let alone make a bow with fondant. Caleb & Madilyn celebrate their birthday only a few days apart. Therefore their parents felt that it was fitting to have one big cake. Caleb's "Present" is a Chocolate Cake. Madiyln's "Present" is Strawberry Cake. Caleb's cake is decorated with Purple Frosting & Lime Green Swirls. Madilyn's cake is decorated with Pink Frosting & Lime Green Swirls. Both presents are "wrapped" with a matching Lime green fondant Ribbon all tied off with a Big Green Bow with Deep Pink & Purple Swirl.


  1. Madilyn and Caleb both enjoyed their cakes. It is so hard to please everyone but this cake did the job. I liked that we were able to have one cake for both birthdays.

  2. Looks AWESOME!!! Cant wait to see my wedding cake :)