Monday, August 16, 2010

Only in Georgia!

A few months ago, God really spoke to 2 particular people. And with that conversation they felt the need to leave their home and move to Georgia. By leaving their home they left friends & family behind. But, every few weeks those Family members visit Georgia, and when they do they order these Key Lime Pie Cupcakes! These cupcakes are a Sinfully Lime Cake, they are also filled with a Lime Cream as well as soaked in Key Lime juice. These cupcakes are topped with a Key Lime Buttercream, White Chocolate sprinkles & a Lime Wedge.

I'm so blessed that these 2 people are in my life! He speaks to me & she gives me Hope! Thank you JLG for all that you two do!


  1. You are loved beyond words! Im blessed to do life with are the cupcake on top of our move to GA!!! (I know you will prolly call me a dork for the last sentence, or a goober! Im cool with that)

  2. omigosh....these are seriously the best cupcakes EVER!!! i LOVE key lime pie, and to have them packaged in individual wrappers is dangerous. a dozen were gone from our house within 3 days!